Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 3 Results (as far as I know...)

Gayle: 2/4
Stacie: 4/4
Kellie: no response yet
Tina: 3/3
Amanda: 3/3
Katherine: 6/6
Darin: 5/5
Jack: 4/4
Kathy: 3/3
Alisha may be joining us :)

Great job guys!
I have to say that we're still having some issues with reporting in- I think it would be most useful to just make a comment that reports your week {ex: 3/4} . That simple? Or you can always email me at What evening works the best during the week for everyone for a kick off party??? I'm happy to host- also a Saturday may work really well too- just let me know your preferences. I'm looking to host it somewhere between March 3-13Th. Preferably sooner rather than later so we can iron out details. I'm hoping that we can play some Dance Dance Revolution so that we can get some exercise in that evening all together :)

1 comment:

  1. I go out of town the 4th through the 6th, so anytime before or after works for me!