Sunday, April 25, 2010

Indulge much

I recently read in Fitness magazine, Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., Fitness advisory board member "Instead of having an all or nothing attitude towards treats, switch "no sweats ever" to "social sweets only". Indulging with others makes eating treats special and mindful rather than guilty solo binge."
So I think we should have a ladies treat night! Of course we would need to research treats that are still good for you. Like dark chocolate! Maybe have a pudding night or jello night. Something yummy and good to indulge that sweet craving! Let me know what you all think.

Oh and I got on the treadmill tonight after a long time of no treadmill. Felt soo good!! I didn't have a hard time wogging and stretching afterwards was a breeze. Now I remember why I started working out. The feel so good feeling you get after you just worked out. Its like those peppermint patties commercials (which would be a good ladies treat night treat), "When I step onto the treadmill, I get the sensation I'm.....".
And a quick update on my ankle. I took two sick days from work last Thursday and Friday. I kept heat on it and it is feeling better than it has in several weeks. Going back to Zumba tomorrow night.

Ok enough updates. I hope everyone is doing good and if you need motivation, just let any of us know.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For reals here ladies...and gents....

K. so lets be honest. as soon as we decided that we wouldn't worry about the $$ and just do a raffle I haven't gotten off my butt. no joke. the $$ is the only thing that keeps me working out because we CANT AFFORD to lose any $$$. that was the point to doing it this way. no one wants to give $ away just because you didn't do your part! YAY or NAY on continuing the $.50/lost workout, or the raffle? Just because we're four months into the year should not mean that we all don't care about the sizes of our rear ends anymore right??? Summer is always the worst when your kids want to go swimming every 5 seconds. Lycra only flatters skin and bone in SMALL amounts. Even super models look scary in one piece swim suits. So why are we all slacking off? are we still going or what? Do we need a party to revamp our resolve? you know I can do a party. Tell me. Be brutally honest. are we continuing? are we QUITTING? Party? no Party? Raffle? $$$?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Still doin what I do

Hey just wanted to tell ya'll that I was still working out. I do Zumba every Monday and Friday! I squeeze in a few work outs during the week as well. Although this week hasnt been very good. I did something to my ankle and I was having a hard time doing anything, include just walking around my house. Dont know what happened, but its doing better now. I do have a bruise as well, lucky me!
So Zumba tonight and I am going to get back in the habit of doing pilates and my Biggest Loser work outs!!
Come on ladies get on this work out train to skinny land!! Woo Woo!!