Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kellie's update

So here it goes I have been in my own little world literally. But I have been exercising. I have done all but one day last week. I had a way busy weekend with errands, writing talks, preparing all new beginnings and everything in between. I have found that I need to change up my routines a lot. I was a dance major so i can make up my own workout pretty well and the rest I rely on my yoga videos and jillian michaels. The Jillian michaels vid that I have is way hard for me and I haven't got all the way through it, so that is the biggest reason I do other stuff in the middle. i am working up my endurance. I was talking to my brother yesterday and he mentioned he had started taking an hour and a half yoga class. where they lock them in a super heated room and make them work it out the entire hour and a half. He says he drenches his clothes and the towel below him. Man, I wish I could join him, but he lives in Reno. Dude, I could totally get in shape if my bro was here. He trains for triathalons. he is looking for a job here in ut. So maybe I will get lucky. He says his dilemma is that his friend dietician says he has to eat 5,000 calories a day to keep up with his workouts and he doesn't know where to find all the high in calorie and nutritious stuff , plus money is always an issue too. It was an inspiration in you can call it that talking to him yesterday. I even did my jillian michaels vid I was so inspired. Yay me! not the whole thing of course but I am getting closer.

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  1. Awesome kellie! Sorry you've been so swamped! I'm impressed you're still doing jillian!