Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 2 Results

Gayle: No response yet
Stacie: 4 out of days 4
Kellie: No response yet
Tina: No response yet
Amanda: 3 out of 3 days
Katherine: No response yet
Jack: 4 out of 4 days
Kathy: 2 out of 3 days

I can't add things up if no one is responding...Please try to get a hold of me somehow to let me know EACH saturday night or sunday what you've done the week before. Thanks :)

Is anyone interested in doing a party sometime?? to go over things??? Do we want to count this month? I really want to know who's actually still interested and who isn't anymore now that it's feb instead of right around new years....let me know


  1. I think you need to put your email address on here so that people have it. Maybe we should send out reminders on FB for everyone that they need to check in. I can do that if you would like?

  2. I did 4 out of 4 workouts