Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calling all participitators....

Anyone that would like to come to an ADD IT UP party at my place is welcome THIS FRIDAY (as in March 12, 2010) at 7 pm. Bring your jars of change! We need to talk about where we want to set the ground rules now that we've been doing this for a month! So- meet at my place (email me if you need directions or address: inneedofcorvette@hotmail.com ) Do we want to have snacks at these parties??? we are, after all, trying to get into shape- but what's a party without munchies??? Give me some input on whether we want food or no food. ALSO: I'm going to try and borrow my brother's xbox so we can have four Dance Dance Revolution mats to play! Feel free to bring the kiddos I'll try to put a movie on downstairs for them to watch while we party. ***Unless a spouse will be chillin at home-instead of coming to the exercise pact party***
PS give me a YES or NO (for whoever is interested, and whether you want snacks) and # of people coming (INCLUDING kids that you're bringing)


  1. I am there, just me. I say yes on the snacks. You could do a veggie tray or some light popcorn, with of course some water or something. Nothing over the top.

  2. I am sorry, I can't come. But I do have $1.50 in my jar. Is this the end or the middle or almost the end?