Thursday, April 22, 2010

For reals here ladies...and gents....

K. so lets be honest. as soon as we decided that we wouldn't worry about the $$ and just do a raffle I haven't gotten off my butt. no joke. the $$ is the only thing that keeps me working out because we CANT AFFORD to lose any $$$. that was the point to doing it this way. no one wants to give $ away just because you didn't do your part! YAY or NAY on continuing the $.50/lost workout, or the raffle? Just because we're four months into the year should not mean that we all don't care about the sizes of our rear ends anymore right??? Summer is always the worst when your kids want to go swimming every 5 seconds. Lycra only flatters skin and bone in SMALL amounts. Even super models look scary in one piece swim suits. So why are we all slacking off? are we still going or what? Do we need a party to revamp our resolve? you know I can do a party. Tell me. Be brutally honest. are we continuing? are we QUITTING? Party? no Party? Raffle? $$$?


  1. I am all for keeping it going. I think we should do a revamp party. Maybe to get everyone excited again? I think the money thing was a big help for some of us. I couldnt care either way. Whatever works for me.

  2. Sorry Amanda, money or no money I think my mojo to exercise has left the building! Maybe a party would help me get it back but I am feeling at peace with my fatness for the time being. (Exercise and be thin or eat chocolate and be fat?? - I am going with the chocolate)